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Wooden Santa


A wooden freestanding Santa decoration.

Large approx 58cm tall

Small approx 50cm tall.

Black Metal Stars


A beautifully modern black metal freestanding star. Comes in 2 sizes.

Large approx 38cm tall

Small approx 20cm tall.

Wool Reindeer


A cute woollen reindeer with metal and beaded antlers. Framework of reindeer is wooden.

Two designs available, red wool and brown wool.

Approx 20cm tall.

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Hanging Reindeer


Cute wooden faced reindeer with faux fur bodies and dangling bell legs.

2 variations, 1 with spotty antlers, the other with stripy antlers.

Approx 18cm tall.

Garland Kit


DIY Garland Kit which includes a ‘How to Guide’, needle, string, raffia, approx 21 orange slices and approx 14 cinnamon sticks.

This will make a dried fruit and cinnamon garland approx 30-40cm long.

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Wooden Reindeer


A cute wooden reindeer with artificial foliage detailing.

Approx 22cm tall.