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In our gallery you will find just a few of the amazing pictures we have been given the pleasure of using by our beautiful brides and grooms, taken by them and their photographers. They are all unique and not one wedding we do is the same- they are tailored to that couple using their chosen flowers and colours. Making each picture truly special.
As you can see the flowers play a big part in any wedding or celebration, and it’s our job to make the process easy, personal and professional. We provide free, no obligation quotes with all our weddings, just get in touch for more details.

Enjoy looking through this gallery of perfect pictures!


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To arrange a free, no obligation consultation, please contact our experienced florists Anna or Millie at Ragged Robin on 01953 602374 or email [email protected]

Wedding Flower Advice

Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But it’s not always as simple as picking your favourite flower and requesting them in your wedding colour.

What to expect at a consultation

Find out what you can expect from a Wedding Consultation with one of our expert florists.